Classic distribution

MONT classical distribution is a method to deliver software products from leading foreign and domestic vendors through physical deliveries of products, purchase of packaged products, OEM versions and corporate licenses.

Become a vendor

Classic Distribution

Classic distribution is suitable for companies and entrepreneurs who are engaged in reselling licensed software or delivering it within projects involving the supply of a wide range of IT products.

Work on a convenient portal for partners

Order placement and monthly billing through an automated platform. It's fast and easy.


Up-to-date information on   bills, payment dates, payments, overdue debts


Self-ordering for  licenses, boxes, ESD (electronic keys), and  also creating orders from  the license form.

Purchase history

Information in   real-time   all orders placed from   various sources


Price lists (basic from   vendor and   with   personal discounts), templates of license forms, authorization letters, marketing materials.

Document flow

The ability to find the products you need to order by  partner number, group of partner numbers or name.

MONT has been supplying software and hardware products from leading global software manufacturers for over twenty years.

MONT utilize a 2-tier distribution model. As an authorized distributor of leading IT vendors, MONT is very strict about compliance with the channel policy; sales to end users are carried out only through the partner network.