Electronic distribution

MONT ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) is a channel for receiving electronic keys for software and digital content directly from a vendor in online mode.

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Electronic Software Distribution

MONT ESD is a channel for delivery of electronic keys for software and digital content directly from a vendor to a partner through MONT WebStore in the online mode. License keys are usually delivered within a few minutes.

This distribution method is useful for companies who work with packaged software but cannot deliver physical media or have difficulties with the final product logistics. Typical ESD partners are Internet service providers, online stores, telecom operators, federal and regional retailers, computer server providers.

Special services for retailers

  • Integration with cash registers
  • Key delivery at the buyer's choice:  in  a check/receipt, text message or e-mail
  • Online storefront ready for placement in a shop
  • Omnichannel sales (website, offline stores)
  • 24/7 support for buyers and sellers

Work on a convenient portal for partners

Order placement and monthly billing through an automated platform. It's fast and easy.

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Self-ordering   electronic keys


Up-to-date information on   bills, payment dates, payments, overdue debts

Purchase history

Information in   real-time   all orders placed from   various sources

Flexible search

The ability to find the products you need to order by  partner number, group of partner numbers or name